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We are using statistics and machine learning to learn from the Internet of Things.

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Who We Are

A group of friends: number crunchers, computer scientists and big data analysts with a keen interest in connected things.

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What We Do

We interpret. visualise. convince. analyse. explain. predict. advise. teach. code.


About us

The interpretation of big data is our expertise.
We have identified a strong need for good and reliable data analysis in the Internet of Things. That's what we're here for.

© 2014 thingslearn Ltd.

We are a group of researchers with a wide range of academic background from mathematics to computer science to molecular biology. Our research relies on the reliable and consistent interpretation of large datasets.

Our methods are developed in an academic setting, are thoroughly tested and often published in peer-reviewed journals. Here at thingslearn, we can help you benefit from our expertise.

What we do

We are using statistics and machine learning to learn from the Internet of Things.

We don't think it's too early to think about what to do with data from 50 billion connected devices. We suggest four scenarios how your company can benefit from our expertise, but if you're unclear about your needs and the potential of data analytics in the Internet of Things, please do get in touch!

© 2014 thingslearn Ltd.

Consulting: We would love to share our vision how big data analytics and machine learning could help your business.

Teaching: We can teach your team how to approach large datasets and prepare them for human and computational interpretation.

Analysis: We study complex data and provide you with unprecedented insight.

Development: We develop analytics and machine learning solutions with your team, for your team.

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